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We take great pride in our employees and safety is our #1 priority. Not only do we care about our employees, we care about both our customers and the environment. Each employee is certified in safety compliance as required by OSHA and other companies for whom we work.

Safety management and the continuous development of safety culture are a cornerstone of our responsibility. All injuries and incidents we record are analyzed and evaluated in detail to enable adequate measures to be introduced to avoid them in the future. Preventing accidents and incidents in day-to-day work, and on work-related travel and transportation routes where people or the environment could be at risk is top priority for us.


Nexus employees are trained in CPR and basic first aid using the Medic First Aid program, which includes basic training in Blood Born Pathogens. Driver safety is a major concern of ours; we use the Smith System Driver Training Program with each of our applicators.

We are a drug-free workplace and utilize the services of American Medical, a fully staffed drug consortium.


We endeavor to attend all Contractor Safety meetings that our operator companies invite us to. We are committed to excellence in our field, by doing so we continue to focus on safety improvement and the quality of life in regard to our employees and customers. Through an ongoing process of improvement and development of Health, Safety and Environmental Programs, we are committed to meet or exceed expectations of those that seek to employ us.


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