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About Nexus Solutions

Our services are designed to solve pressing problems for our customers, boosting productivity to maximum sustainable levels to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly expanding population. We provide services to the energy production and harvesting industries, utility providers, transportation sectors, Federal, State and local public safety organizations, United States Department of Defense, Environmental Awareness and Protection organizations, Wildlife abatement and sustainability organizations and private businesses.


Our staff of highly trained, experienced, licensed applicators, and certified specialists are ready to work with you to provide the ultimate service experience. Our goal is to discover, share, and implement solutions engineered to meet your specific needs while preserving and enhancing our environment. Our company protects the environment during operations by careful adherence to all applicable environmental laws, and by planning our work to minimize carbon footprint.


From a newly acquired property, a land use transformation, a new project or expansion to a well-established and prestigious land management program or system, Nexus Solutions has the expertise, determination, and a servant mentality to deliver superior results.


  • Industrial Turf Management
  • Bermuda Release Programs
  • Asset Protection from Invasive Species
  • Consulting
  • Best Land Management Program Development/Auditing
  • Vegetation Program Analysis
  • Pesticide Handling and Application Training
  • Custom Equipment Design and Fabrication
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